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我们最终去体验杭州风情,地点定在馒头山社区,开车前往20分钟车程就到,半天时间顺便再开个周例会。周三下午多云,32摄氏度(微热),东风3到5节。 Read the rest of this entry »

By Johnny Chen, Stephanie Chan, Juan Pablo Costanzo

Low Polygon design is starting to become a new trend recently, it’s more like a natural extension of flat design, low poly design is the use of simple, colourful polygons to imitate an object or used as a background.

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作为视觉设计师,我们的作用除了最基本的满足用户审美需求,还会有品牌传达,信息传达,功能传达等,其中想要信息有效的传达给用户,需要我们建立信息层级,而不是一股脑的丢给用户自己理解,要做到这点有哪些视觉方法,这些方法的背后是否有理论依据,是本文的主题。 Read the rest of this entry »


Many technology trends for 2014 have already been deduced based on data and observations from 2013 and prior years. Some areas of focus include smarter TVs, wearable devices like smart watches, personal clouds, better natural language search capability, and revolutionary 3D printing.

Trends can be helpful predictors of where both businesses and consumers will be focusing in the near and more distant futures. Smart small business owners realize their websites are a critical component in not only perception but functionality. So what trends should be considered for 2014 to keep pace and improve a website’s user experience?

The two most interesting components to evaluate for 2014 are mobile and cross border sales.

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全球化毋庸置疑的已经成为一种事实和趋势。人们在“地球村”的沟通和交往早就超越了线下真实的生活。互联网连接全球的各个角落,形成了虚拟的线上社区,让随时随地跨文化、跨民族的交流成为了现实。欣喜之余,人们也发现,要让一个线上社区的设计能容纳全球的用户、符合全球用户的使用习惯,面临巨大挑战。这些挑战当然包括最基本语言、货币符号、测量单位等不同。但更大的是怎样解决来自不同文化背景的人对同一设计不同心理反应的问题。这篇文章里,笔者试图探讨如下问题:什么是文化?文化有哪些特征?文化研究涵盖哪些领域?文化与网站设计有怎样的关系? Read the rest of this entry »